About me and my Blog


I am Elaine Pearson and I have been the Librarian at Horowhenua College in Levin, New Zealand, since 2004.

My background is in Speech-Language therapy. I qualified in 1983 (ancient history) in Leicester, England. In 2000 our family moved to New Zealand and I worked for GSE in Wellington for a couple of years and then decided on a career change. While working for Wellington City Libraries I started my Diploma in Information and Library Studies and finished it here in Levin in 2006.

I enjoy my job very much and am always looking for new things to learn and do. Communication will always be important to me and the visual communication of display has always interested me. I wanted to promote the ‘forgotten’ books from our collection but needed some ideas and inspiration. I found myself searching the internet looking for some exciting ideas for displays, at that time there was virtually nothing of interest so in 2007 I set up a blog to share a few of my own ideas. Gradually other librarians from New Zealand and around the world have shared some of their creativity and together, I hope, we have created a valuable resource.

Being a sole librarian with a limited budget all the displays are designed to be quick, easy and low cost - they do not claim to be great works of creative talent!

The main aim for my displays is to promote existing books from our collection. I find that the displays really do work to get books circulating again.

You may not choose to copy the displays exactly but hopefully they may prove to be a springboard to inspiration and ideas of your own.