Thursday, December 11, 2014

Happy Christmas!

To all readers, followers and contributors. 
Have a very Happy Christmas
Thank you for being part of the 'Library Displays Blog'
Elaine x

I'm heading off home for the Christmas / summer holidays in approximately two hours! Yay!

Monday, December 8, 2014

There's SNOW place like the library!

By Fran Karmann

Lovely seasonal displays of polar bears, snow flakes and the book tree are Fran's winter way of welcoming readers!!!

Hibernate with a good book.
There's SNOW place like the library.
There's SNOW thing like reading.

Thanks for sharing Fran.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Book Graveyard

By Tammie Rienzi Soccio

Thanks to Tammie for sharing this fabulous idea. Here are her comments:

'We have had a rash of destroyed books lately, and my assistant said half in jest that we should have a book graveyard in the library so that the students could see firsthand the “horror” of not caring for library books. We got permission from our administrator to put it up as part of the Halloween display, and the conversations we’ve had with the students have been priceless. As young as first graders have been able to articulate that since someone didn’t make a good choice with their library book, the books were now “dead” and can’t be checked out anymore'.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Walk a mile in someone else's shoes!

By Michelle Yu

"We've gotten a lot of good feedback about our November Memoir Display here at Hartford Union High School in Wisconsin. Thanks for keeping up the blog full of great ideas".

Looks great, thanks Michelle!!

Thursday, October 30, 2014


By Elsje Neal

Thanks to Elsje for sharing another display. Here are her comments:
'Not such an exciting display this year for Halloween as the larger spaces are already dedicated to other topics happening in the school. I usually try to make a new costume for the doll each Halloween but ran out of time this year to finish the Hogwarts outfit so had to recycle a previous one. At least should be ready with it for next year.Books from the display already having to be replaced so must be catching the students’ attention'.
If the books are moving - that's all that counts. I like the idea of dressing the doll for the occasion - looking forward to seeing the Hogwarts outfit!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

1920s Flapper Board

By Jennifer Cauley

Thanks to Jennifer for sharing another sensational display. It's a real work of art, here are Jennifer's details of the construction:

'I have another board for you, our Flapper Board. This one was really time consuming to put together but everyone stopped to take a closer look. I was actually worried that it wouldn't survive the month because students and teachers kept touching it to feel the different textures! We used this to promote anything connected to the 1920's (literary fiction, YA, classics, literary analysis and criticism, etc.). 

We used the Silhouette cutting machine for the fish scale tiles and the letters, but everything else was cut and folded by hand. 

We used a permanent marker to color the tops of our staples black before loading them into the stapler. The staples were pretty much invisible on the board, you really had to look to see them. 

Tissue paper was fun to work with but I don't recommend using it for a background like we did. It kept tearing and we were worried that the weight of the other elements would pull the whole board down. The fish scale tiles looked great, but they wouldn't have been possible without the Silhouette machine. Even with the machine, we had to pop out all of the scales (it took forever) and the whole tile ended being very delicate and flimsy. We will never use tiles like this again. We decided wrapping paper or fabric would have been a better choice for the background, it wouldn't have been hard to find something with a pattern we liked. It would have been stronger, easier to work with, and the rest of the board would have been much easier to deal with'.

What a great idea to colour the staples!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Peek A Boo-k

By Fran Karmann

Fran used this Peek - a - Boo (k) idea for Halloween by displaying horror books.
Thank you for another great idea Fran - the display looks fab.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Jane Austen

By Jennifer Cauley

Thanks to Jennifer who shared this lovely display to promote Jane Austen. 
Here are her comments:
'Jane is always a favorite at our school, especially when students are selecting their IB Extended Essay topics. This board was used to promote her novels as well as related research material. One of the library aides made some lovely bookmarks that were snatched up as soon as we put them out'.

Dystopian Fiction

By Jennifer Cauley 
Copyright Erin Bowman

Jennifer has re-created Erin's great flowchart that helps with the definition of the dystopian genre.
It's really good - more details can be found on Erin's Blog: Erin Bowman
Thank you for sharing this Jennifer.

WW1 Centennial

By Jennifer Cauley

Thanks to Jennifer, from Dubai, who has shared this very effective display created to highlight resources for students to use in their studies and for IB Internal Assessment research.

I was keen to know how Jennifer made the display and she kindly provided me with the following details: 'For the soldiers I actually enlarged a photo and then used Photoshop to clean up the images so they were just black silhouettes. We loaded the images into a Silhouette cutting machine to cut them out. In retrospect I should have done it the way we did the words. We used kraft paper for the background, cut some A4 sized sheets and put it in the printer and printed the words off on that. If you pay attention to the side of the paper you're printing on and match it up with the same side of the paper facing out from the bulletin board, it will look seamless. (If you look at the quote on the board you can see where we printed on the wrong side of the paper.) I should have just printed the soldiers onto kraft paper and then pasted them up on the board. We then cut a strip of black bulletin board paper to look like rough terrain'.