Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Oh Christmas tree ...

By Liz Jones

This is the top Christmas Display idea of all time! Thank you for sharing it Liz.
I'll let her tell you about it:
'At present we have the most successful display EVER in our library, but I'm very sorry to say it wasn't our idea! The Science department asked everyone to create a Christmas tree that represented their department in some way, and they're on display in the library for students to vote for. The best thing, apart from the amazing creativity, is that staff are all coming over to see them, so it's been a lovely social time and brought people to the library who seldom, if ever, darken our doors.. The Fashion department made a Christmas tree dress, Science had lots of test tubes, ESOL had lots of flags, Property used a ladder, the Preschool made a tree of hand-prints, Social Sciences did the 12 days of Christmas. ....And we of course used books, and also made a magazine tree."

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Summer reading

By Elaine Pearson

Our students are being encouraged to avoid the 'summer slide' by reading over the summer holidays. 

Details on the towels hanging on the washing line encourage students to sign up for our 'Summer Seven' holiday reading challenge - students can select up to seven print books to take home for summer, they are given a special bag and reading log. 
The second towel encourages students to use our new collection of eBooks. 

Sunday, October 11, 2015

A Minion Reasons to Read

By Karen Melton

Thanks to Karen for sharing this fun display!
Here are her comments:
'I have had great feedback and interest from students and staff alike over this window display. With the invasion of all things "Minion" this summer I decided to collect the figures from all my friends whose children like fast food meals. I titled it "A Minion Reasons to Read" and just keep checking books out of the window to students who want them now. My favorite are the four in the right hand corner carrying books on their heads'.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

A collage of ideas..

By Fran Karmann

Fran started out the school year with quotes and flowers.
She says "It was early August so too early for Halloween and it sure as heck didn’t like fall!"
I like the use of chalk-boards and twinkly lights!
Thanks for sharing Fran.

Loving our library

By Valerie Dewhurst

Valerie selected a variety of romantically themed books to chose from for this Valentine's day display - the bags were bought from Scholastic and raffled off to support a charity.

Secret Book Santa

By Valerie Dewhurst

90 Days 'till Christmas .... never too early to think about displays! How about Valerie's Secret Book Santa idea:
Wrap lots of books up in Christmas paper, on the reverse write some clues about the book: genre, author name etc - but not too much information so you don't give the secret away. The children choose a secret book - using the reverse to help decide and are then encouraged to give it to a friend or sibling or just keep for themselves - so basically a mystery - until opened up!

Edible-icing Books

By Valerie Dewhurst

Are you having a library celebration? Why not try some edible pictures as cake toppers to impress your guests (or student librarians). Pictures are printed on to edible icing ready for you to use.

STAR Books

By Valerie Dewhurst

90 days to go... it's never too early to start thinking about Christmas Displays! This is a fabulous idea from Valerie: Write down your most popular books of the year on stars and hang them on the tree. Or get students to write down their own favourite books of the year on the back of old Christmas cards.

Bookmark Club

By Valerie Dewhurst

What a great idea to have a Bookmark Club where students meet once a week to create special bookmarks. Here Valerie has used some of the students creations on her welcoming board. Lovely idea, thanks for sharing Valerie.

Welcome to the Library

By Valerie Dewhurst

Thanks to Valerie, from Blackburn, UK, for sharing this welcoming entrance to her library. It's a lovely idea to include photos of the students depicting a history of School Library Events. It gives  a great sense of ownership, celebration and continuity.