Thursday, June 26, 2014

If you like John Green...

By Julie Wood

Thanks again to Julie for sharing another topical display:

'The John Green read alike display is relevant to the current movie release of “The Fault in Our Stars” with the color theme and design motif playing off the book jacket. I then used the same cloud motif to write John Green quotes. I have found that using the dry erase markers on construction paper gives a chalk like appearance'.

Thanks Julie, I found this posting from BuzzFeed Books with some ideas of read-alikes for John's book:


By Julie Wood

Thanks To Julie from Indianapolis for sharing her display 'Happy'

Here are her comments - 'This display is relevant to the current pop hit 'Happy'. I really should have titled the display simply 'Happy' and not 'Choose Happy'. I had intended to put the hat on one of the letters. I used the silhouette machine to cut out the happy faces and letters'.

I think the display works well just as it is - well done Julie!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

New Zealand Stories

By Elaine Pearson

Here is a quick display to showcase all the Scholastic 'My New Zealand Story' books. 
Pins on the map indicate where the stories are based. 
My Story is a series of historical novels for children, each book is written in the form of a fictional diary of a young person living during an important event or time period in NZ history.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Six Words

Michelle Reid

Many thanks to Michelle for sharing this fabulous idea - definitely one to try!

We held a “Six-Word Book Review” challenge this spring, inspired by SMITH Magazine’s six-word memoirs. The rules were simple: students and staff could choose any book, and write exactly 6 words about it. Their response could be their reaction to the book, a “teaser,” a summary, description of a character – pretty much anything they wanted to say about the book. I made a short Power-Point presentation so our Language Arts teachers could share the challenge with their classes, and the slideshow also ran on a monitor next to the entry forms in the library. We provided a few examples at the beginning, both in the display case and the Powerpoint, to get students thinking. I typed up new submissions each day and posted them in the display case. We held periodic drawings for small prizes using the submissions as the entry forms, and students could submit as many 6-word entries as they liked. Over the next 2 ½ weeks, we received 133 six-word reviews of 112 different books!

Six of our favorite submissions:
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix – Umbridge is a hag. Sirius dies.
The Book Thief – Death takes a liking to Liesel.
The Shining – Corrupt hotel, enter if you dare.
Girls that Growl – Cheerleaders gone feral at school…run!
City of Bones – Upgrade from Twilight…angels and demons.
Crank – Girl’s anguished verse: don’t do drugs!

I could keep going with examples, this challenge brought out so much creativity from our students and we had many excellent submissions. Only a few were generic reviews – the bulk were strongly connected to the specific book.
The signage was created using MSPublisher and a color printer.
The 6-word logo (upper RH) and “Say it in Six” are from the SMITH Magazine website.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Read, Know, Grow

By Cheryl Mcdonald

This delightful display was submitted by Cheryl, librarian at a K-5 school in Portland, Oregon, USA. 

Here are her comments: "I love pop-up books and paper crafting and my kids love when I share them. We create simple pop-ups using Robert Sabuda's website. I was inspired to create a paper sculpture bulletin board and this is what I came up with. The head is about 3 feet across".

Monday, May 19, 2014

Book Talk

By Elaine Pearson

This is a display to give students some vocabulary and ideas to talk about books. 
The books on display have stickers on them with an appropriately selected word. 
When it's time for the display to come down I will relocate it to the little room where the students meet for Book Club.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Poetry Month

By Michelle Reid

Thanks to Michelle, Library Assistant at Tahoma Junior High School for sharing this great idea and display encouraging student participation. Here are her comments:

'This April we did a month-long promotion for National Poetry Month at our junior high library. I took my inspiration from this year’s national poster (featuring an excerpt from Leaves of Grass) and from’s Poem in Your Pocket Day. We decided to give out “poems for your pocket” every school day in April. Teachers, staff, and students were asked to contribute favorite or original poems; then encouraged to stop by the library to pick up a new poem to read & share each day. We featured a different poem each day, and noted who had submitted it. Size-wise, I tried to fit 3 copies per page, so I could cut the poems into narrow strips. The most popular by far were the original poems written by students. We printed those on colored paper so they were easily spotted. A copy of each day’s poem was also posted in our window gallery – by the end of the month, we had a great collection that ranged from silly to serious, short to long, penned by well-known to obscure poets. It was fun to see and share what others considered their favorite poems, and to share original student works. This promotion was very successful, and we’ve even had some students say they miss the daily poems now that it’s ended. 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

New books are blooming

By Martha Hickson

Martha has created this blooming marvelous display for Spring - read all about it below:

'Spring has finally arrived here in New Jersey, and we've used the change
of seasons to introduce some color into the library while featuring new
books. We made an assortment of multicolored tissue-paper flowers and put
them into colorful paper-cup "pots." We scattered the pots among a display
of new books, each sporting a bookmark that features a vintage seed
packet. (I looked for the most colorful book covers I could find among the
new arrivals, which is a bit difficult considering all the dark, dystopian
covers on YA books these days.) The signs for the display show a large
photo of a flower and the message "New books are blooming!" Quick, easy,

Thanks for sharing Martha - I love the seed packets! E.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Photographic Competition

By Barbara Plumb

The library at Trinity Catholic College, Lismore, are running another photo competition. This year the theme is 'Focus on action'. Thanks for sharing this idea Barbara, I like the way that you are actively encouraging the arts in the library and the way it will naturally involve the engagement of a different set of students. At the moment I am gathering information about libraries as 'maker-spaces' and this competition would fit into that idea well.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Poetry Month (America)

By Inga Cain

Thanks to Inga for  sharing this display for Poetry Month - a great idea to inspire and encourage her students to try their hand at writing poetry. Here are her comments:
'All of my students will be writing poetry this month. Their biggest question is always, “What do I write about?” I tell them, “Anything!” So I created this display with odds and ends to get them thinking and included a poem I wrote'.