Monday, August 18, 2014

Do you have a heart for art?

By Elaine Pearson

We have an amazing selection of art books in our library which I wanted to promote to our students again.
Here is a quick display to do just that!
Hope you enjoy it.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Oh the horror

By Stephanie Taylor

Thanks to Stephanie from Drouin Secondary College, Victoria, Australia for sharing this effectively macabre display!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Connect to Reading - Reading to Connect

By Michelle Walsh

It's Book Week in Australia next week with the theme 'Connect to Reading'.
Michelle has used jigsaw pieces to illustrate the theme in her board display. 
She also undertook the huge task of making a jigsaw piece for every student (200!) and put their picture on it with a book they would highly recommend and a comment about the book. 
These were displayed on walls or shelving units around the library.
What a wonderful way to personalize your library and give the students ownership of it Michelle, thanks for sharing!

To find out more about Book Week have a look at  The Children' Book Council of Australia

Back to School

By Denise Borck

In Georgia US it’s that time of year again! Denise starts early in Statesboro - August 1st is the first day of school for students. To welcome everyone back to school she has produced this creative and cheerful welcome display “Back to the Books”. 
Thanks for sharing Denise and have a great year!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Titles for Great Library and Classroom Bulletin Boards and Displays

Here is a wonderful resource from jenokson's squidoo pages.
Check it out for some great title ideas for library displays:

Titles for Great Library and Classroom Bulletin Boards and Displays

Take a look at jenokson's other pages too:

Monday, August 11, 2014

Words into Poems

By Barbara Plumb

This term's major display from Barbara is "Words into Poems".

She says: "I have provided the words and all the students need to do is access their creativity and rearrange the words into poems. I'm hoping this will be as popular as our past interactive displays".

Great idea Barbara, and it looks good! Thanks for sharing. Elaine

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Relax for Summer

By Yuliya Antonova

As an experiment for summer Yuliya set up an 'island' for children in the library, where they could relax on a mattress, lie under an umbrella, fish, and of course, read a book!
A great idea - sounds like lots of fun!

I will be a friend of nature

By –ělena Petrenko

Through this lovely display children are encouraged to select books and learn interesting facts about nature then test their knowledge with quizzes (questions on pieces of paper).

The Museum

By Yuliya Antonova

Visit the museums without leaving home!
This fabulous display consists of four thematic sections, with related books and internet links to the museums.
Love it!

Literary Horoscope

By –ělena Petrenko and Yuliya Antonova

This is a clever and unusual idea from Olena and Yuliya. They have matched characters from literature according to the nature of each sign of the zodiac! I bet our students would have some good ideas for this - perhaps a good discussion for a Book Club?