Thursday, September 24, 2015

A collage of ideas..

By Fran Karmann

Fran started out the school year with quotes and flowers.
She says "It was early August so too early for Halloween and it sure as heck didn’t like fall!"
I like the use of chalk-boards and twinkly lights!
Thanks for sharing Fran.

Loving our library

By Valerie Dewhurst

Valerie selected a variety of romantically themed books to chose from for this Valentine's day display - the bags were bought from Scholastic and raffled off to support a charity.

Secret Book Santa

By Valerie Dewhurst

90 Days 'till Christmas .... never too early to think about displays! How about Valerie's Secret Book Santa idea:
Wrap lots of books up in Christmas paper, on the reverse write some clues about the book: genre, author name etc - but not too much information so you don't give the secret away. The children choose a secret book - using the reverse to help decide and are then encouraged to give it to a friend or sibling or just keep for themselves - so basically a mystery - until opened up!

Edible-icing Books

By Valerie Dewhurst

Are you having a library celebration? Why not try some edible pictures as cake toppers to impress your guests (or student librarians). Pictures are printed on to edible icing ready for you to use.

STAR Books

By Valerie Dewhurst

90 days to go... it's never too early to start thinking about Christmas Displays! This is a fabulous idea from Valerie: Write down your most popular books of the year on stars and hang them on the tree. Or get students to write down their own favourite books of the year on the back of old Christmas cards.

Bookmark Club

By Valerie Dewhurst

What a great idea to have a Bookmark Club where students meet once a week to create special bookmarks. Here Valerie has used some of the students creations on her welcoming board. Lovely idea, thanks for sharing Valerie.

Welcome to the Library

By Valerie Dewhurst

Thanks to Valerie, from Blackburn, UK, for sharing this welcoming entrance to her library. It's a lovely idea to include photos of the students depicting a history of School Library Events. It gives  a great sense of ownership, celebration and continuity.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


By Kitty Penny-Larter

Isn't this display fabulously inventive? Thanks so much for sharing Kitty!

Kitty is from London. Here are her comments:
'This is my Dumble-door, guardian of my library.
I might change it termly or yearly to another character- I thought maybe Effie Trinket would also be effective, but I'm sure there's a whole host of characters you could do.
He's made of cheap cloth, cheap wool and staples, with a sanded-down twig for a wand.
Thought you might like to see him!' 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Spring into a Book

By Helen Muxlow

It's spring in the Antipodes!
Thanks for sharing this attractive display Helen - the origami flowers are lovely!
Here are Helen's comments:

'Thought you might like to see the origami flowers I've had fun making for our spring display in the library. Here are the origami flower instructions if you want to have a go yourself. (Maker spaces are for librarians to create in too!)
(Did you spot that the flowers are made from recycled book pages.No usable books were harmed, only books destined for the bin were used in the making!)'

Sunday, September 6, 2015


By Elaine Pearson

Promoting our new e-Book collection. The posters are from Wheelers (the platform we use), the iPads are an image from Google stretched to the correct size, printed and pasted onto cardboard and inserted with the image of the book-covers from our collection. The display holder gives instructions for use.