Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Good Books for Teens & Adults

By Elaine Pearson
This display was inspired by an article in 'The Literature Base' by Julie Purcell. She discuses the journey of students becoming mature readers and describes YA books that appeal to both teens and young adults as those which 'move beyond pedestrian teen issues and on to a bigger canvas'.

I thought the display would have a threefold use:
Firstly to encourage more staff members to try some teen novels.
Secondly to suggest titles which students may enjoy sharing with their parents/caregivers.
Thirdly to remind our senior students that we have plenty of fiction that is relevent to them and that they don't 'grow out' of the school library - and to encourage senior students to move into a different level of reading.

To make the display I photocopied the spines of some of the relevant books in our collection then as 'bookends' used a young woman reading and an older woman reading. (from Google images)

Below are four examples Julie Purcell gave for good cross-over fiction. Click on the pictures for details.

One Whole and Perfect DayGenesis: A NovelThe Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time IndianUnpolished Gem

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