Monday, November 23, 2009


By Elaine Pearson
A display to promote some wonderful arty-crafty books. I discovered that you can find some great letters by searching in Google Images for 'letter a', 'letter r' etc. Then I found some old paintbrushes from the art department, hunted around in my 'bit draw' for the rest, asked a student to make the origami birds and stuck it all together! Once again, it cost me hardly anything and was quite fun to do!
We recently weeded and replaced many books in this section which always results in them being noticed again.

Drawing Vampires: Gothic Creatures of the Night
This has been a popular book - published August 2009 - click on the picture for more details.

I have just prepared statistics for a report to the Board of Trustees and was delighted to see that after dropping slightly last year issues of non-fiction books has gone up by 83% in 2009. I am sure that this is partly due to the fact that in our new library the non-fiction books are more accessible and there is more space for outward facing display.

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