Sunday, December 6, 2009

Australia: Indigenous Authors

By Erin Kelly
Erin Kelly is working in her gap year at Nagle Catholic College in Geraldton, Western Australia. One of her main jobs has been working on displays each month. She says she has found the Blog useful for ideas and has kindly shared some of her favourite ones in return.
This 'Indigenous Authors display' was a special during NAIDOC week. Erin says: 'The map of Australia was a print job, and I used pins and string to highlight where each author originated from. The information at the end of each string told the biography of each author and featured a photograph. I then photocopied the titles they had written and pinned them up. The posters from NAIDOC week filled up the rest of the board, and the library already had the Indigenous Items like the Boomerang etc'.
Thanks Erin, the school has been lucky to have you working for them this year!

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