Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Read Your Way Around the World

By Elaine Pearson
In this display I have chosen to promote stories from different cultures around the world - some true and some fiction. It would work equally well with information books about different countries and travel books.

The little suitcase was my grandma's. I wonder what tales it could tell us? I can't remember my gran going anywhere - I think I will go home and ask my mum .....

Mornings in Jenin

I found 'Mornings In Jenin' to be a very powerful and enlightening insight into the lives of Palestinians since the state of Israel was created. I highly recommend it for senior students. [Click on the picture for more detail]

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Joelle said...

What an eye-catching, and well-done display! Your colour choices are stunning, and your use of a single simple prop(the suitcase) is perfect.

The sign inviting library patrons to "help yourself" is so appropriate, as patrons are often fearful of taking books from displays.