Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A World of Books

By Annalise Taylor
Annalise, the librarian at the International Community School in London (and originally from Auckland) has sent us this photo of the display she put together for World Book Day - A World of Books.

She says:
" It was very simple to construct. I selected all my blue or green books and laid them out in a rough circle on the floor. Thinner books were simply bluetacked to the wall. Thicker books had a rubber band around all of the book except the cover then were attached by 3m sticky pads (apparently/hopefully removable). I had some help from my book club and other students in the library at the time. The display has attracted so many remarks that I am loath to remove it - but we need the books back!"

It's a stunning display and a great idea. I bet it looks even more amazing from a distance! Thanks Annalise.

For anyone wanting more information about World Book Day Take a look at the website:

World Book Day

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jenokson said...

Love this! I only wish I had seen this before Earth Day 2011, but I'd love to use your idea for 2012 in my junior high library.