Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Many Worlds, Many Stories

By Krystal Morgan
Krystal does all the displays at the Victorvilly City Library in Victorville, and she has been kind enough to share some with us.

This one is a display promoting their Summer Reading Progamme: "Many Worlds, Many Stories"

Here is how Krystal made the balloons that are suspended in the display space:

'I paper mached the hot-air balloons. Once they dried, I spray painted them white and then painted on the stripes, then I took 2 pieces of twine and made an "x" on the top of the balloon and hot glued it down. After, I took a small dixie cup, wrapped it in brown tissue and punched 4 holes on the top rim then tied the twine to it. Last, I tied a piece of clear thread on top to hang it up with'.

Double click on the picture to see it closer. It's gorgeous Krystal! Thanks.

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