Monday, September 5, 2011

Roald Dahl Day - 13th September

By Amy Hesterman
Amy Hesterman,(Elementary Librarian,Madison Christian School,Groveport,OH) remembered Roald Dahl Day, they celebrated all month and had a lot of fun! Here are her two great displays and what she says about them:

'I had one display in the lunch room (top picture) with interesting facts about Dahl himself (taken from the book "The Missing Golden Ticket") and made a large candy bar from poster board, foil, and purple paper. On a side note, to celebrate the month, one day during lunch each student received a small Hershey's candy bar when they came into the lunch room. In advance, I had put a gold star in 3 of the little candy bars. When told, students opened their candy bars simultaneously, found the "golden ticket," and 3 won a Roald Dahl book (wrapped like one of the Wonka Candy Bars) of their own. This was a really fun month for us in the library.

Second display (below) was in the library hallway. This was a giant book I made that had "Never a Dahl Moment" on the spine. The orange bubbles are simply titles of Dahl books, including the Roald Dahl calendar'.

Roald Dahl Day takes place every year on 13 September, on the birthday of the World's No. 1 Storyteller.
For more details and ideas see Roald Dahl Day
Have a peachy Roald Dahl Day in 2011!

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