Tuesday, September 16, 2008


By Florence Micoud
For library week Florence Micoud from Mount Aspiring College Library Information Centre gave birth to a bookworm! She was willing to share this brilliant idea. Here are her comments:

The head was put on the library window and students were invited to add segments to make the body using a “Favourite Book Form”. It was very simple and designed to spare them the hassle of writing but help them discover the variety of genres. The same form was duplicated in different fonts and printed on different coloured paper so children had the choice. The corners were cut round to make them look like segments.

It worked well on a number of levels:

To advertise the library week “Come to the library to make the worm grow” or “have you fed the worm yet?”
To get the kids involved and develop their sense of belonging “Come and see my form”
A great display
To see what the students like to read
To refer the kids to the bookworm to find idea for a good book

This is what the form looks like:

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