Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Crime Scene

By Elaine Pearson
We have a good selection of crime stories and non-fiction books on the science of forensics etc so I thought this would be a good one for the beginning of term. I drew the outline of the figure with chalk on card and our friendly local police let me have a couple of meteres of the barrier tape. Very quick, very easy and very effective - the boys like it!

Down the Rabbit Hole: An Echo Falls Mystery
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I loved Down the Rabbit Hole. It is an 'unputdownable' book, well written, with a satisfying plot, interesting characters and it keeps you quessing right to the end. A must for the school library because you can recommend it to just about anybody. The second Echo Fall's Mystery is 'Behind the Curtain'. And the third (recently published) is 'Into the Dark'.

Behind the Curtain
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Anne Cassidy is a very popular author with our students. Most of her books are thrillers and crime stories written for young adults. We have enjoyed several of her recent novels where 'normal' teenagers encounter the world of crime and Cassidy explores their reactions and the consequences of their choices.

Tough Love
'Tough Love' by Anne Cassidy (Click on picture for details)

Cassidy’s official website: Anne Cassidy


Anonymous said...

Great idea. We did something similar but also left a photo of ourselves as missing schoolgirls (dressed up for the part)and on the books we wanted left on display we planted "Evidence" stickers and wrote do not remove from display required as evidence.

elainepp said...

Sounds fabulous! Have you got a photo you want to share?