Monday, February 1, 2010

Get carried away with books

By Tameka To
I got back to school and found an email waiting for me with these great ideas from Tameka To in Canada. Here is what Tameka says in relation to the displays:
I am a library technician at 3 school libraries in Ontario, CANADA in a city called Brantford and I came across your site one day and it is great. It is nice to finally find somewhere to help me out with new display ideas that are cheap to complete. I have attached a picture of a bulletin board that I put up in one of my schools. Instead of making kites out of paper because I am really not that artistic I just bought them at a dollar store so they were really cheap to buy and then I stapled them up, attached a string and then stapled book covers onto the string. It is great when you have a really big bulletin board to cover. The easiest part was putting up the letters because it is a lot easier to put them up curvy then to get them line up straight on a board!

I have also attached a "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs" bulletin board that is very popular since the movie has come out. I just cut out food shapes from construction paper and taped them onto a blackboard in my library. I made peas by using the hole punch and just copied all of the other food from the book. I sat all of the "Meatball" books on the ledge and the kids just loved taking them to sign out.

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