Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Leaf through a good book

By Elaine Pearson
Bobbi Galvin from Ohio Dominican University Library generously invited us to choose any of her displays to put on this Blog. I had a look through her great collection and based this Autumn display on one of her ideas.
The rest of Bobbi's displays can be viewed at:

Library Displays - Ohio Dominican University

For the Autumn display I found the gorgeous leaves from google images and stuck them onto the sticky side of the tape so they look like they are floating down. The poster is copied and pasted from Bobbie's website! Thanks Bobbie!
The book selection is quite random - pulling a few old favourites off the shelves.

A Thief in the House of MemoryThe Boy in the Burning HouseThe Survival Game

Tim Wynne Jones writes great YA mystery/crime novels with a bit of a twist. They are popular with our students.


Anonymous said...

Great Autumn display , I like how you made the leaves look like they were floating down.
I think I will give this idea a try . Thanks for the inspiration :)

Gaby said...

Thank you so much for this inspiration which I have used in our school library.

gleestormont said...

mmm love those falling leaves. We hardly get the color change here so I am inspired that your images came from the internet!!