Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Which came first - the movie or the book?

By Sandra Keane
Sandra Keane, Library Assistant from St Brendan's School, Upper Hutt has sent this photo of a recent display she has made for her library. I really like the 'interactive' dimension of this display - considering the inquisitive nature of our students I'm sure it attracted more attention than a regular display!

Here are Sandra's comments:
I had the idea after reading about a librarian that had been able to hand a student a copy of "The Bridge to Terabithia" after they had complained "If only someone could write a book as good as the movie Bridge to Terabithia it would be great".
It got me thinking and the photo shows what I came up with.

Unfortunately the very bright green paper that I printed the heading onto had faded to pastel by the time I took the photo!
Underneath the pages shown in the photograph were sheets showing the movie release year vs book publication year beneath the appropriate icon at the bottom of the page.

It was interesting to see which students & teachers were stumped, I also learnt a few things while I was researching the release year vs publication year dates!


gleestormont said...

This is a great idea! Love it.

Blazingbooks said...

I love this idea but am having a hard time coming up with the Movies that came first (prior to the book). I came up with Raiders of the Lost Ark and Star Wars but did you find any others?

Mrs Keane said...

A "better late than never" reply to your query... No I did not find any movies that came first (prior to the book). With Star Wars and The Lion King the best I could find was that they were released at the same time as the movie or in the same year. These days the promotional material comes out (at least in New Zealand) as soon as and even before the movie is released. Still there were lots of children and adults who did not know that some of the movies in my display were actually based on previously published books.