Sunday, May 30, 2010

Made for Each Other

By Elaine Pearson
This display is to promote books that are linked in some way, not the obvious formula fiction series which sell themselves, but books linked in more subtle ways - so subtle that students may not have realised the links!

This display cost me nothing as I recycled card from old displays. To give some height to the books I covered some boxes in card - matching the colours of the display. Using boxes in this way gives a bit of variety to displays, book stands look good on them too. I tied the related books together with a bow so students can easily untie them to have a look at both books if they want.

Here are some of the examples I used for books that belong together. Click on the picture for more details:

Saving Francesca plus The Piper's Son

Mahalia plus Little Wing

Holes plus Small Steps (Bloomsbury Educational Editions)

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