Monday, October 18, 2010

Bury Your Head in a Book


By Tameka To
Tameka has shared another of her wonderfully creative displays, this time a friendly Ostrich with its head buried in a good book!
Here are her instructions: "The Ostrich is created by rolling up pieces of paper that I found in the recycling bin. I rolled the paper diagonally and then taped it to keep it rolled up. I rolled with the printed side of the paper showing to make the black and white colour of the feathers. I cut a cardboard box into a large egg shaped and glued the paper rolls to it until it looked right. Make sure you use some strong glue so it doesn't fall apart. It really won't look like anything until you finish the project! I cut the head and feet out of consruction paper and attached the body of the ostrich with thumb tacks. I also put some random ostrich facts on the bulletin board to fill up some more space. A lot of people comment on the fact that they liked that I used recycled materials to make it. I attached a close up picture of the body in case anyone needed a better look".
Thanks Tameka, I love it!

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