Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Banned Books Display

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By Gabrielle Karsai
In the USA books are regularly banned and removed from schools and public libraries. This may be at a national or subnational level (when legal penalties for infraction are applied) or at a local community level.

Gabby (Library Assistant at Our Lady of Mercy College, North Parramatta, Australia) has put this display together to raise her students’ awareness to how lucky they are in Australia regarding the lack of censorship. She especially chose titles that are her students’ favourites, i.e. Twilight; My sister’s keeper; Harry Potter etc.
A very thought provoking display which should initiate some intetesting discussion.
Thanks Gaby.

'Banned book week' in the USA is is an annual event against banning books and celebrating the freedom to read. It is held during the last week of September, you may like to time a display to link with this.
More details can be found at the following link:
American Library Association

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