Monday, December 6, 2010


By Judith Dickson
Judith is a Teacher Librarian at Weber Elementary, in Iowa City, Iowa.
She has shared these delightful pictures of her winter library display and says:

'One way to create a nice winter feel in the Media Center is to have Gingerbread Libraries on display. This week, we had 30 5th/6th grade student helpers come in for the special project of constructing them! They had a ball and ate lots of candy while designing them! The new book table certainly attracts attention with 15 Gingerbread Libraries of varying sizes nestled amongst the books!'

A very timely display as many of you in the Northern hemisphere battle (and enjoy?) the snow. It's a wonderfully creative and yummy way to get the students involved and I can see that it would attract plenty of attention! Well done and thanks Judith.

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gleestormont said...

Adorable; and I bet they smell good, too! Yum!