Monday, September 19, 2011

Score with a Good Book

By Joy
At the start of the American Football season, while her husband got stuck into the games, Joy was struck with inspiration to make a goal post for a library book display out of PVC pipes!

Here is her story, which is great fun:

'There are a lot of PVC pipes at Home Depot. Luckily a very friendly employee came over to see if he could offer any help and I issued him a challenge: to make a 3 foot tall goalpost for under $15. Challenge accepted, he drew ideas on the back of a receipt and got to work. We laid the pieces out and played around with the arrangement. He cut the pieces down to size and added everything together- it was $8.15! So then I bought some yellow spray paint to make it official.
I hemmed a yard of football fabric to add more to the display and then put my books out. The football is just an image I printed from google images and strung on fishing wire. This will definitely get the kids excited to read!'

It certainly will Joy! If you want to see the pictures to go with this story take a look at Joy's Blog: Story Crafting

Unfortunately, we can't guarantee such friendly and helpful service at every Home Depot!

Joy also gives a link to an awesome football book list by Katie at Just Ten Books!

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