Thursday, October 6, 2011


By Elaine Pearson
I love the whole concept of Bree Forsyth's Poet-Tree (see Blog Post June 30th 2011). Here is my rendition! I thought all those bright green leaves were just right for the onset of spring.
Putting this display together was amazingly easy. I pulled one of the Wheelers book packages out of the recycle bin to make the trunk. The leaves have the names of poets on them and were gently folded in half at the trunk end to give some dimension.

A suprising number of our students enjoy reading poetry, this is our most recent aquisition:
'Does your face fit: Poems about fitting in and standing out'

Does Your Face Fit?

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Rita said...

Great idea ! I can re-use my fall tree bulletin board and switch out to green leaves for April's celebration of Poetry Month. I'm a 2nd year elementary librarian.