Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Easter Basket

By Stephanie Trzeciakiewicz
Stephanie is the Library Media Specialist at Tallwood High School and Global Studies Academy in Virginia Beach, VA.

Here are her comments on this friendly Easter display:
'April is National School Library Month and we are doing a library Easter egg hunt for the students. I wanted to make the display interactive, so the papers sticking out of the cracked eggs are actually the first clue in the hunt. The students give their clue to one of the library staff in exchange for an answer sheet and they follow the clue to find an Easter egg with the next clue. Each clue gives them practice in library skills and when they finish the hunt they will receive a coupon from a local fast food eatery as a prize. I’m hoping to have a lot of participation since the prizes are so appealing to high schoolers!'

Great idea Stephanie, thanks for sharing!

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