Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fairy tales

By Andrea Garcia
Andrea Garcia juggles working at the Aldama Elementary School in Los Angeles and at the public library - and she still finds time to do some amazing displays to promote the books from the collections.
She has worked in school libraries for 13 years and in the public library for seven years.

Here are her comments:
'I usually link to a week-long celebration which includes contests open to the whole school. These displays include a music playlist on my ipod to add to the experience. I love adding lights, too. I always say, since the kids don't have the opportunity to go to Disneyland, I try to create my own magic, with no budget, as best I can. The fairy tale idea  I took from Pinterest, I really want to push nonfiction because I'm always telling the children the call number is the same as the public library (Dewey Decimal System)'.

I think this Fairy tale design is stunning. Thanks for sharing Andrea.

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Rachel Moani said...

So glad you liked the idea! If you're interested in seeing the original Fairy Tale display, go check out my blog: