Monday, October 15, 2012

How the West Was Read

By Awnali Mills
Awnali works in a small library outside of Richmond, VA.  She has shared this great idea which works so well as a bay-end/endcap display. Here are her comments:
'This is an endcap display I did to showcase some western books.  I featured traditional westerns and romantic westerns.  I took two pieces of large cardboard, drew saloon doors on them, cut them out, glued the cut out slats to the solid portions to add extra dimension, used marker to provide texture and labeled it "How the West Was Read."  I scored the sides so that they would bend easily to create "swinging" doors, then taped them securely to the sides of the endcap.  The books that disappear the fastest?  The ones behind the doors!  The display has turned out to be really popular--I'm always refilling it'.


Ed said...

School Library displays are a great way to attract someones attention, and get them to read something they may have never considered. The wild west display looks great!

scittlz said...

Very cool display!