Saturday, November 17, 2012


By Elizabeth Walker
This great display by Elizabeth (librarian at St George's School in Canada) not only draws attention to some interesting books but is particularly pertinent to her library as it features three members of the library community - rats!
Here are her comments: 'This display board outside my school library is intended to display fiction books that feature rat characters, both villains and good guys. We now have three pet rats in our library (Katniss, Ramona and Scout - the three silhouettes in the center) and have been integrating them into classroom activities. Most recently we discussed the stereotyping of rats in the 'Tale of Despereaux' so that inspired this board. Also, I can't resist a pun - hence the title!'
What a wonderful idea Elizabeth  I love that you have rats in the library and I'm sure the boy's love them! Take a peek at the real rats on Elizabeth's Blog: Curious [St]George

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