Sunday, December 16, 2012

Warm up your holidays with these Romance titles..

By Sherry Cortes
Light the fire and snuggle down with a good romance! That's the invitation from Sherry!
This is what she says:
'Hello from the United States! My name is Sherry Cortes, and I am the reference librarian at Savannah Technical College, a small technical school in Savannah, Georgia. We don’t have much room for displays, but I work with what we do have and try to make each month a different theme. This month is a romance for the holidays, with romance books—we had gotten in a shipment of Zane books which inspired the display, but those were checked out before I had a chance to even put them up, so I found other romance novels on our shelves.
It keeps things interesting here to have a little display, and there has definitely been an increase in book checkouts since I started doing this'.

Thanks for sharing this inviting display Sherry - have a wonderful Christmas!

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