Sunday, February 3, 2013

Man vs. Nature

By Jennifer
This is a great display from Jennifer (the middle school/ high school librarian for an American curriculum school in Dubai).
Here are her comments:
'I wanted to share a very simple display we put up right before the
Christmas holiday. Our middle school students all participate in a
genre project through their English class. The teachers and I had
noticed that kids were having a difficult time with a new addition to
the project - "Man vs. Nature". We were two weeks out from the holiday
and we wanted students to have their genre books to read over the break.
I put together a simple but bold display that reiterated some of the
search terms and evaluation hints given during my book talks in each
class. I then added books that qualified as "man vs. nature" to the
shelves below. It's easy for students just to grab a book, but I was
very happy to see them referencing some of the search terms I had added
to the board'.
Thanks Jennifer!

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