Tuesday, May 14, 2013

QR codes in the library

By Elaine Pearson

We have used IT librarians for a couple of years now to help with day-to-day computer problems experienced by library users. Now we are starting to build a bigger team of students to be on hand to help with personal devices and introduce new ideas and skills. We started off with showing off the augmented reality app associated with the 2013 Guinness World Records book. This generated a great deal of excitement!
This week we are using QR codes in the library in all sorts of ways. I made bookmarks with QR codes leading to authors websites. On the display are books with QR codes on the back covers.In the fiction area there are codes leading to series lists and You-tube clips of authors and on the non-fiction shelves codes lead to Te Ara and NZ Artists websites etc.
The IT librarians help with downloading apps and showing students how to generate their own codes using their own hand held devices and the desktop computers.
It has been great fun!
PS I made the poster using the 'Banner' format on Publisher.
PPS This is the QR code generator I found most useful: QR code generator

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