Thursday, February 20, 2014

Blind Date with a Book

By Jennifer Cauley

Here is Jennifer's second display for Valentine's Day. It's a great idea to use the 'lucky dip' idea as a blind date and I love the chalkboard effect - beautifully done! Thanks for sharing Jennifer.
Here are her comments:
'We tried this last year and it was really popular so it's back again. A lot of libraries come up with clever "dating profiles" for the books but I didn't have time for that (mostly because the chalkboard thing took forever). I wanted it to be easy for us to add a variety of books as other blind dates were checked out, so we just had an blank "frame" that we'd add a clever description in as we went along.'

1 comment:

Lisa Mandina said...

Looks great! I did one like this too. But I love the way yours looked!