Wednesday, October 15, 2014

WW1 Centennial

By Jennifer Cauley

Thanks to Jennifer, from Dubai, who has shared this very effective display created to highlight resources for students to use in their studies and for IB Internal Assessment research.

I was keen to know how Jennifer made the display and she kindly provided me with the following details: 'For the soldiers I actually enlarged a photo and then used Photoshop to clean up the images so they were just black silhouettes. We loaded the images into a Silhouette cutting machine to cut them out. In retrospect I should have done it the way we did the words. We used kraft paper for the background, cut some A4 sized sheets and put it in the printer and printed the words off on that. If you pay attention to the side of the paper you're printing on and match it up with the same side of the paper facing out from the bulletin board, it will look seamless. (If you look at the quote on the board you can see where we printed on the wrong side of the paper.) I should have just printed the soldiers onto kraft paper and then pasted them up on the board. We then cut a strip of black bulletin board paper to look like rough terrain'.

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