Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Freedom to Read

By Laura Sanders

Welcome to the Blog Laura, glad you are enjoying it. Thanks very much for sharing your inspiring display. I love the idea of wrapping the covers.
Here are Laura's comments:

'It is currently Freedom to Read Week here in Canada so I do the following display about censorship every year. I keep a list of books that have been challenged or banned (primarily in Canada and the United States, but I try to include a range of countries). Right before Freedom to Read Week begins, I pull these books from the shelves and wrap them in brown butcher paper. I then write the reason why they were banned on the cover and put them on a display unit. The students are always shocked to peek inside and find out what books have been challenged! It creates a number of teachable moments and is a great opportunity for discussion. I use this with middle school students but I think it would work just as well with upper elementary or high school students'.

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