Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hot Books

By Joanna Broadbent
Joanna you are a star!
Here is Joanna's wonderful follow-up idea to her cool books in the fridge - a fireplace with 'Hot Books ' surrounding it.

This is how she created it:
"I simply joined two boxes together (in fact they are school toilet roll boxes !)
and added a fruit box for the chimney.

I painted the bricks with a sponge, and enlarged an image of a fire.
I have put in a few real pinecones and small sticks at the bottom of the fire.
I encourage the children that if they are feeling cold 'to come and sit by the cosy fire in the library with a good book '.
What better winter pastime is there ?
I have also put a small fan heater underneath the display on very cold days, so it feels like an extra cosy fire."

Thanks Joanna - really inspiring!

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