Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Talking Books

By Cara Harpin
Cara Harpin, Media Specialist from McClure Middle School in Kennesaw, Georgia sent this brilliant idea for the Blog. Here is what she says:

Great job on your blog! I work in a middle school media center(11-15 year olds) and am always trying to think of new (cheap & easy) ways to draw their attention to the books. You have lots of really neat ideas for easy displays. My favorite is the "At Least One Explosion"! I am so doing that one!

I'm sending you one that I make that's really easy. You just print out the speech bubbles and glue them to poster board so they 'stand' up instead of curling over. Then, if you want, you can laminate them for extra durability. I cut them out and tape or glue them to a bookend. Then, I put a book in front of the speech bubble so it looks like the books are talking. You can make them 'say' anything you'd like. My students get a kick out of them!

Other speech bubbles include things like:
'Check me out!'
'No, pick me!'
'I am an excellent pick!'
'The last kid that picked me out didn't want tp put me down (not that I'm bragging)'

Thanks Cara, your idea is great fun!!


Winda said...

I like this idea, I'm going to make my library's display and this picture so eye catching for me!

gleestormont said...

I am definitely lifting this idea, too. I think it's a great attention getter!

The Machamer Blog said...

I really like this - I am sharing with library staff to see what they think!