Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Oh the places we have been...AND...the places we will go

By Mary Beth Spivey
This is a great display by Mary Beth Spivey, Library Media Specialist at Riverside Middle School, Evans, Georgia. She used it to start the new term off with a very positive message, celebrating the activities of summer and encouraging the students to try new activities in school. I love the way Mary Beth has used the wordle idea.
This is what she says:
"To start the new school year off, I wanted the students to be aware of fun school events/clubs they could expect throughout the year by comparing it to typical activities they may done over the summer. Using, I created a display of activities “words” with the saying…”Oh the places we have been AND….. the places we will go”. I used real flip flops to emphasize the summer activities, and tennis shoes, cleats, etc. for the school activities. It’s been a great visual for students (especially 6th gr.) to learn of various team sports and clubs offered at the middle school level".

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