Wednesday, June 8, 2011


By Elaine Pearson
Here's another one for the boys!
I visited 'Tony's Tyre Service' and got an old car tyre, cut out the letters to spell 'Wheels' stuck them to the tyre and collected together all my books on cars and bikes - fiction and non-fiction.
Cost - nothing!
Time - minimal!
That's the way we like it!

PS The book 'Motormouth' by Sherryl Clarke is great. I use it with my reluctant reading group who love it because of the story and the fact that it is a verse novel so there is less text and lots of lovely white space on the page, with pictures too! A real winner. [Click on the picture for more details]


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Rachelsmum said...

I just love this idea to get the boys reading, Elaine. I think I may have to steal this one, if that's ok xxsue