Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Bingo Reading Challenge!

By Elaine Pearson

Each year we have a reading challenge, open to all students which runs for the whole year. Students can earn house points and prizes.
This year we chose the fabulous Reading Bingo Challenge by Random House Books. Have a look at their website for details: Reading Bingo Challenge
There is also a YA Reading Challenge option.

Several people have asked for more details of this challenge.
Here is a closer look at the poster:

And here are the details of the points system:


RHoskins said...

How do you work the prizes or "house points?"

RHoskins said...

How do the prizes or "house points" work?

Unknown said...

What do your signs say>

Elaine said...

Hi guys, see the comments on the updated post. Thank you for your interest. Elaine