Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Read the Book - See the Movie

By Michelle Reid

As students wait expectantly for the release of 'Divergent' this display is very pertinent. 
Thanks for sending us your fabulous display Michelle, it is beautifully done and very effective!

Here are Michelle's comments:
'I’m submitting my display that features YA books made into movies. The Divergent series is extremely popular at our junior high, and the movie will be released this month. To tie in to the students’ excitement, this display features YA books recently adapted to the big screen. The movies on the film strips are 2013 and 2014 releases - with future release dates highlighted in large yellow dots. (The one exception is To Kill a Mockingbird, which is required reading for our 9th graders.) Everything in the case is made from paper except the Oscar statuette and popcorn containers (the “popcorn” itself is crumpled yellow & white paper). The film strips were created in MS Publisher using clip art for the border and movie poster images found online. I printed one 6”x8” frame per page, trimmed, and taped together to make each strip. The movie marquee is a PowerPoint template. I love to give displays a layered look. In this display I used push pins behind the spotlights to pop them from the background, and also tape and rubber bands to curve the film strips. I framed the interior of the case with a red paper “curtain” similar to a movie theater. It makes the case very visible in the hallway, and gives it a dimensional look that draws the students in. The books at the bottom of the case have also been adapted to the big screen. I enjoy talking with students about which was better, the book or the movie – of course most of the time we agree the book was the most satisfying!'

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Krys Reads said...

This is awesome!
I wish I had a glass display case to do something big and creative like this.