Sunday, August 31, 2008

The red covers

By Elaine Pearson
How many of us have said or heard this before?!
Our students have identified with this display and I've had lots of positive comments. They want me to do 'black' next time - typical! The books have flown from the display and I'm beginning to run out of red covers!
The idea for this display came from this interesting link on Wikipedia:

Red Hot Picks:


Beauty - A spellbinding tale based on the fairytale

Malcolm and Juliet

Malcom decides to make a documentary on sex - four years on and this hilarious novel from our own Bernard Beckett is still very popular

Red Sky in the Morning

I loved this wonderfully moving book, which is about the special relationship between Anna and her disabled brother

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Jenny Ward said...

I think I remember reading somewhere (many years ago during my library training days) that a library in England had actually added cover colours to their database to make it easier!

Jenny :-)

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