Tuesday, August 19, 2008

National Library Week 2008

By Elaine Pearson
This is my display to link in with National Library Week's theme - What's Your Story? Once again, it is simple and cheap to produce!!

A Child Called It

Aren't there some amazing biographies around?
'A Boy Called It' has been in our top five issues for the past four years running. Students of all levels and abilities devour it. They always recommend it to their friends and always ask for more like it. I have bought a few others - I select carefully, only purchasing those which end with hope. This one was recommended by a student and has been on issue ever since I bought it:

A Piece of Cake

We have two competitions running this week, one where the students have to match photographs of our prefects to pictures of their favourite books, this has been popular with all the students who have been suprised and inspired by some of the senior readers choices.
The second competition was a little harder and involved cryptic clues to the identity of a character from a book. It has been a good challenge for the students who read widely.

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