Sunday, November 23, 2008

Season's Readings

By Elaine Pearson
To herald the approach of the Christmas Holidays I have taken the opportunity to wind up with a Christmas Greeting - of sorts! I wonder how many students will actually notice the word play!
I did the usual cutting and sticking of nice bright card, scrounged a bit of fluffy material from a kind English teacher, photocopied some of our books with a Christmas theme and stuck them into the top of the stocking.You could pretty yours up with a border of tinsel or suchlike but I'm a bit of a minimalist myself!

We have a group of students who are really into Terry Pratchett, it's fun seeing them promote the books between themselves and create a new trend. Hogfather is the Christmas favourite:

Hogfather Click on picture for details

One of the 'Pratchett boys' has set himself the task of reading through the whole fiction area of the school library. He is year 10 and up to the middle of the B's at the moment. He raced through Douglas Adams, limped through Jean Auel and just survived Jane Austen! I asked him to let me know the ones that really stood out and today he recommended Behind the Tattooed Face. I'm sure he wouldn't have taken this out normally - maybe he'll start another trend!

Behind the Tattooed Face Click on picture for details


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