Monday, March 30, 2009

Have a laugh

By Elaine Pearson
We all know that libraries can be fun - sometimes our students need reminding! This display is for April Fool's Day, but can be used at anytime of year to promote those books in our collections which are purely for entertainment.

The red smiley faces are from Google Images. The yellow smiley faces (can you spot them?) are from clip-art.

Students (and teachers) have been passing the time during breaks with the joke books, and going boggle-eyed from trying to see the image in the 'Magic Eye' books!

I enjoyed bringing together fiction and non-fiction books for this display.

Magic Eye Gallery: A Showing of 88 Images
(Click on pictures for details)


MissLibrarian said...

The red smiley faces are the noses from this year's Red Nose Day!

elainepp said...

Are they?! I didn't notice that! Is that red nose day in UK?

MissLibrarian said...

Yes, from the UK.

elainepp said...

Nice to think someone is following the blog from UK - are you able to share any displays from across the pond? PS I am from Northants.