Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cool Books for Hot Days

By Joanna Broadbent
Joanna Broadbent, Librarian from St Mary's School, Blenheim has shared this fantastically innovative display which she did in the first term when the weather was HOT in Marlborough! Followers in the Northern Hemisphere can use this display idea now, unfortunately we will have to wait for a while!

This is what Joanna says:

"The fridge is a fridge box from a local appliance store, I covered it with glossy white paper and just drew the doors and handles with a vivid. I placed a wire display rack inside and filled it with books . The most wonderful thing was having to replenish it daily !

The children would come into the library , race for the fridge and open it to see what new books were in there. It was interesting to note how long they left the 'fridge door' open , looking at the books.
Now the kids all want to know when the oven is arriving for winter !! "

Thanks Joanna, it really is a great idea - we look forward to some more stunning displays. Elaine


MissLibrarian said...

wow - so inventive!

elainepp said...

I know - I loved it!

Anonymous said...

I love this! Would love to try it when the weather warms up here. Thanks!

gleestormont said...