Sunday, May 24, 2009

Great website for display ideas!

I came across these great articles on the 'eHow' website the other day. Virginia Allain gives lots of catch phrases and great ideas for creating library displays for every month of the year. It is an American site so the themes are sometimes out of kilter with our seasons here.

She says 'Keep your library displays fresh with new topics every month. Readers are more likely to pick up an extra book or two beyond what they had planned on getting. Boost library circulation with these book displays.'

Display ideas for May


Mangaia said...

Hello Elaine,

I am Takau Daniel from Mangaia in the Cook Islands. I am the teacher librarian for Mangaia School.

We are fortunate to be one of the first schools to be a pilot school the PRIDE project of improving school libraries in the Cook Islands. We just started the MUSAC programme in October last year.

I came across your blog when I was searching online for ideas to use in order to improve our library here on Mangaia.

I am glad to read your views on Library displays and I hope you don't mind, I have copied this page to show to my principal and also start to use some of your ideas as well.

Thanks Elaine

To be

elainepp said...

I'm so glad that you may find some inspiration from the Blog - of course you can share it with your principal.
Good luck with the PRIDE project, it sounds like a great initiative.
Thanks for your comment.
Kind Regards,

Rachelsmum said...

Just found your great blog whilst hopping around the web. Have registered as a follower if that's ok as I am about to start assisting in our primary school library. You have some really cool ideas, I'll watch with interest.

elainepp said...

Thanks and welcome!

Alynn Leyretana-Tiongson said...

hi, I came across your blog while looking for some ideas for my next month display. hope you don't mind me link your blog from mine.


Nate Chamberlain said...

My fiance, William, posts several of his library creations on his blog at that other librarians might find helpful when in a creative jam. Check him out and follow it if you like. He just posted about his "Irish Fiction" display.