Monday, February 21, 2011

National Sea Week (New Zealand)

By Elaine Pearson

February 26 – 6 March 2011.
Sea Week is an annual event run by the NZ Association for Environmental Education. The theme for 2011 is Back to the Future! The culture, history and traditions of the sea. Kia kaha tangata moana!

For more details and some great free resources check out: NZAEE Sea Week

Our teachers went off to a paid union meeting yesterday afternoon and the students were sent home. I took the advantage of a quiet afternoon to prepare this display for Sea Week. I simply tore some strips of coloured sugar paper (courtesy Art Department) into wavy lines to create sea and sand, got some cheerful images of sea creatures from Google Images which I printed on white card, cut everything out and put it together on the display board. The poster was printed from the Sea Week website and laminated.

There is a wide choice of books to display, I found some books about sea life, some adventure sea stories and some fiction stories based on a sea theme. Don't forget Seal Boy which matches this year's theme well and Kevin Boon's Whalers and Sealers:

Seal BoyWhalers and Sealers (Developments in New Zealand History)

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gleestormont said...

Love this one Elaine. The torn paper is terrific!