Monday, September 5, 2011

Rugby World Cup 2011

By Jennifer Judd
Jennifer from Mahurangi College Library has sent in this great version of the World Cup Display. Here are her comments:

'I copied your idea for the goalposts but had to ask an obliging husband to make them from dowelling as I couldn't get the cardboard tubes anywhere. We printed out the flags from a British website called "activityvillage", and we have a display stand for the various lift outs from the NZ Herald and other magazines. We didn't have a big collection of current rugby books, but have been able to buy some really good ones this week from The Warehouse at great prices. The flag and ball are also from The Warehouse at very cheap prices. The ball is strung between the goalposts with fishing line so it appears suspended.
Hope this is helpful to anyone else'.

Thanks Jennifer!

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