Monday, September 5, 2011

Diary of a Worm

By Amy Hesterman
Amy,(Elementary Librarian, Madison Christian School, Groveport, OH) sent in this gorgeous worm. Here is what she says about her display:

'Although this may be hard to see, I created a giant worm in the library hallway from Doreen Cronin's "Diary of a Worm" for my second graders. Each second grader completed a sheet that answered 2 questions:
"If I were a worm, I would like to...."
"If I were a worm, I wouldn't like to...."
I then glued their completed sheets to brown construction paper which created the body of the worm. Looking at a picture of worm, I tried to recreate his red hat out of construction paper as well. This took up a lot of hall space as I created two worms on either side of the hall'.

Lovely idea Amy, thanks. I bet the children enjoyed seeing their work combined to make the worm's body.

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