Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Constitution Day

By Andrea Garcia
Andrea Garcia juggles working at the Aldama Elementary School in Los Angeles and at the public library - and she still finds time to do some amazing displays to promote the books from the collections!
She has worked in school libraries for 13 years and in the public library for seven years.

Here are her comments about her Constitution day display:
Constitution Day is on September 17th, and every year I get inspired to add a different center for the students. I usually start off with a short speech about why we celebrate our constitution, where it's located & explain contest rules, the voting booth, etc. Then the students have 20 minutes to rotate at each table. 1) Photos & info about the delegates 2)Examples of colonial money & replicas of our current money 3)What it takes to be a citizen in our country 4)Voting Booth (if it's not a presidential election year we vote on favorite book or movie based on a book) 5)Replica of the Constitution & a contest; how many words do you think are in the document 6)The 3 Branches of the Federal Government; The Judicial, 7) The Legislative, 8) The Executive 9)The Gettysburg Address 10) The Amendments and what they mean 11) California as our state 12) Contest, write something you learned at Constitution Day on a card and I pick one to win a prize. I also create little activity booklets to hand out to all the students. Sometimes I would make little pins of the American flag for each staff member.One year I bought invisible ink & had a center which featured spies during the American Revolution & different methods they used.

All your hard work obviously pays off Andrea, well done!


Andrea Garcia said...

Thanks Elaine! I love seeing the excitement on the children's faces, whether it's the older ones really understanding the significance of the Battle of Gettsyburg or the little ones parading around, waving the flag to show their patriotism.

Rachel Cuestas said...

Excellent Andrea... You put my little display to shame. Love all your hard work... Rachel Cuestas, Micheltorena Elem. School

J Parson said...

Very nice display with one exception - you should never use the American flag as a tablecloth.
Federal law stipulates many aspects of flag etiquette.
The flag should not be used for any decoration in general. Bunting of blue, white and red stripes is available for these purposes.