Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Library lovers

By Gabrielle Karsai

I love this idea from Gaby and would love to try it next year by asking for wedding photos from our staff. Here are her comments:

'I find that any display that involves school staff is very popular with the students. I asked for wedding photos or any other memorabilia that staff were happy to share. I ended up with 2 wedding gowns (one was mine!), lots of photos including great-grandparents, and 2 boxes of love letters (tied with pink ribbon) for a teacher when she was being courted by her then fiancé as he traveled the high sea (they have been happily married 38 years). I've supplied heart shaped post-it notes for the students to write what love means to them. What is it about weddings that sends teenage girls crazy?'

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Jenny Ward said...

I love the idea but would personally expand it to include photos of any type of couple - so as not to exclude teachers or other staff who are not married but in relationships etc.

Very effective though.

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