Sunday, September 11, 2016

Bee Awareness Month (New Zealand)

By Helen Muxlow

The National Beekeeping Association of NZ started Bee Awareness month (BAM) in September 2014. BAM is devoted to encouraging New Zealanders to think about the honey bee and its critically important role in our biodiversity and economy.

Helen has made this fabulous display to support Bee Awareness Month and make her students aware of this important initiative. Here are her comments:

'The Bees hanging from the ceiling are made of cut up pool noodles with black electrical tape, google eyes and pipe cleaner wings. The articles on the wall are from The Wellington Newspaper 1st September 2016 titled Plan Bee, and The Life insert in the Dominion Post titled "The romance of Honey" 7 September 2016. The bees on the wall were black and white images photocopied onto yellow paper'.

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